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Email Marketing

We can assist with your e-mail marketing needs, providing everything from a simple list rental to a comprehensive, turnkey e-mail campaign.


Our e-mail promotional list of 11,690 e-mail subscribers is regularly “scrubbed” to ensure high deliverability for our advertisers. We comply with all SPAM regulations and follow best practices for e-mail marketing. We maintain strict protocols for opt-out/opt-in subscribers to ensure that your message is delivered to someone who genuinely wants it.


We provide a post-deployment report with your unique and total open rates as well as total clickthrough rates, which can help you determine the success of your campaign. We can also do “split lists,” where you can test different versions of your creative or copy. Depending on your specific needs, we may also be able to do geographic or title splits.


Rates are determined by campaign. Contact us directly for a quote based on your campaign and list selection.