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Online Overview has an active and engaged online audience. Each month, more than 32,000 unique visitors come to the site for information to help them do their jobs more effectively, safer, and progressively. They come to share best practices and challenges on our active forums, to learn about new products, and to read about their particualr area of interest in one of our seven channels.


Our site traffic is measured by Google Analytics, an independent third-party source that assures you your advertising investment is being measured. All online advertising and enewsletter advertising is tracked by 24/7 Open Ad Stream. For the most up to date report on site traffic, contact us directly.


Our goal for our website is to perform for you and show a return on your online advertising investment. We focus not only on the overall site performance, but on the engagement of our site users: How long do they spend on our site, how often do they visit, and how many pages do they view?


SCHOOLBUSFLEET.COM website information [as of 3/15/2011]

Average pageviews per month: 193,240

Average number of unique visitors per month: 33,145

Average number of user sessions per month: 52,440

Average number of pageviews per visit: 3.68 pages